At Ascellence Consulting we work on a foundation of excellence, from the essence of each project. We connect with our clients’ DNA and accompany them in the experience of facing the challenges for which they have hired us, with quality at the heart of everything we do.

Accounting Advice

A company’s accounts are the main indicator of its state and a basic tool for complying with the tax and commercial obligations incumbent on every company.

We offer accounting advice with the commitment to dedication and customer service that characterizes us. The main aspects of this service are:

  • Drawing up accounts in accordance with the mandatory accounting principles in order to ensure that the financial statements provide a true image of each company’s situation.
  • Resolution of accounting queries
  • Preparation of Official Books and Filing at the Commercial Register
  • Drawing up of Annual Accounts and Filing at the Commercial Register
  • Cost analysis
  • Implementation of accounting management procedures

Tax Advice

We provide comprehensive tax advice on an ongoing basis for both companies and individuals.

  • Corporate tax: Advice on, and optimization of, tax obligations.
  • International tax planning: Advice and design of tax-efficient business structures. Optimization of capital gains, dividends, interest and fees.
  • Tax planning for investments from abroad, using Spain as a tax and/or legal vehicle.
  • Taxation of non-residents: Tax advice and optimization for transactions carried out in Spain.
  • Tax Procedures: Advice and representation in any relationship between taxpayers and the tax authorities.
  • Regional taxation: Use of the tax advantages provided by each region, and provision of advice to groups covering more than one region.
  • Canary Island Tax: Investment planning and incorporation of companies in the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC).
  • Value Added Tax (VAT): We specialize in intra-Community transactions, recovering input tax, particularly when this is not easy or immediate; maximizing VAT deductions, and treatment of special regimes.

Labor advice

We offer advice on labor matters.

  • Restructuring of companies: Collective redundancies, voluntary redundancies, downsizing… including negotiation with workers. Analysis of the labor implications of sales, purchases and restructuring of companies.
  • Senior managers: Advice on contracts and expatriates. Assistance with termination procedures.
  • Collective Agreements and Covenants: Negotiation of, and advice on, terms.
  • Social Security: Registration, international agreements, travel documents, inclusion regimes and claims.
  • Labor Due Diligence: Review of companies to establish their employment law status and assess contingencies.
  • Workers’ representatives: Advice and election processes.
  • Work and Social Security Inspectorate: Advice and assistance.
  • Occupational Risk Prevention: Legislative advice.
  • Termination of employment contracts: Dismissal procedures and grounds for termination.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Legal assistance vis-à-vis administrative bodies, courts, and tribunals.

legal advice

Law Firm specializing in the provision of legal services at national level to both companies and individuals. Its main spheres of action are:

  • Family Law: Marital property systems, separations and divorces, alimony and support payments, legal incapacity, inheritance, wills.
  • Commercial Law: Highly specialized area dealing with issues of any kind, both judicial and extrajudicial, on corporate liability and socio-economic offenses; mergers, split-offs and acquisitions; as well as any kind of amendments to company By-Laws; attendance at, and drafting of, the Minutes of Board and General Meetings; Family Protocols and Bankruptcy Law.
  • Criminal Law: Offenses against the Person, Offenses against Sexual Freedom and Integrity, Offenses against Honor, Offenses against Property.
  • Civil Law: Our team of specialist Lawyers will be able to provide our professional services in any civil proceedings in court that have to be filed to defend your interests by claiming amounts owed and default of payment, termination of contracts, enforcement and compensation.

auditing of accounts

We provide an audit service focusing on our clients’ demands.

  • Ascellence Consulting’s audit department provides a comprehensive service to each client.
  • Thanks to its independence, quality and accuracy in the review of financial statements, Ascellence Consulting not only issues an opinion on a company’s annual accounts but also provides added value to the service by using unique information systems designed to streamline the audit processes.
  • Our work procedure enables us to identify the best opportunities for our clients, minimizing any possible risks.
  • In addition to traditional auditing, these services include those relating to adhering to the International Accounting Standards, Enterprise Risk Services, Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) and Ongoing Financial Advice.

strategy consulting

We offer a Corporate Strategy service.

  • Corporate Strategy: Analysis of opportunities for increased revenue in the market; analysis of operating margins; and analysis of the efficiency of the company’s assets; in order to define strategies for competing in the market.
  • Value Management: A way to customize and implement management tools and processes in order to link business decisions to business strategies focused on the creation of value. An example of a project is the design of a scorecard that captures the necessary information to manage based on the creation of value. This requires us to identify the value drivers and to design methods and processes in order to generate the indicators relating to such drivers.
  • Financial Management Efficiency: We work together with the CFO to analyze and redefine the financial department’s operating model with the aim of reducing costs, increasing service levels and focusing on the provision of value-added services to the company. We achieve this by redefining the financial organization and the processes of that department and integrating (or implementing new tools for) reporting, budgeting, forecasting and business intelligence.
  • Cost-Reduction Strategies: A cross-cutting initiative (business and functions) that makes it possible to improve an organization’s performance by means of a fast and sustainable reduction of its structural costs. This is done by:
    • Analyzing the current situation and comparing it with other market practices (benchmarking) in order to detect areas for improvement and lines of action.
    • A cost-reduction pilot project that makes it possible to achieve benefits in the short term (quick wins).
    • Defining margin-control tools and metrics and conveying the related knowledge to the company.


  • The organization must have specific money laundering prevention procedures defined and in place, as well as approving and putting in place an adequate internal structure.
  • Prevention of money laundering: Assistance in the implementation of the Procedure Manual for the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism, providing the procedures for creating the Communication and Control Body, and providing advice on the procedure for appointing the person who is to act as Representative before Sociedad Española de Prevención de Blanqueo de Capitales (SEPBLAC), as well as training on communications regarding the Monthly Transaction Declaration or the Negative Semi-Annual Declarations.

due diligence, sale/purchase of companies

We offer comprehensive advice for the sale and purchase of companies, making the necessary assessments to verify the financial and business information at the buyer’s or seller’s request in order to establish the actual value of the business for its sale or purchase to give the purchaser a clear view of what it is purchasing and of the actual economic and financial situation of the business.

ASCELLENCE’s multidisciplinary team works in a coordinated manner in this process to assess the economic and property situation of the companies involved in merger and acquisition processes, as well as their compliance with commercial, tax and labor obligations, and it does so speedily and in accordance with the strictest confidentiality procedures.

court expert service

Ascellence Consulting is a Professional Firm specializing in assisting parties and courts as an independent expert in the course of bankruptcy proceedings, litigation and the investigation of fraud.

We act as independent experts in court and arbitration proceedings, where our opinions serve as independent evidence submitted by the parties or requested by the Court where applicable.

The professionals working in this department have the necessary experience and qualifications to testify in Court as experts in economic, accounting or financial matters and to answer the Court’s or the parties’ questions.